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Vous avez la fibre bio et recherchez un poste de responsable ? Vous appréciez travailler en autonomie, êtes en quête de responsabilités et avez des idées plein la tête ?

Toutes les informations nécessaires à une compréhension efficace du label sont désormais regroupées sous la forme de deux dépliants, à distribuer selon vos besoins !

Comment encourager la durabilité dans l'industrie des produits de nettoyage?

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Probila-Unitrab is a Belgium professional organization for Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers which represents the interests of the organic food and natural goods sector on a political, ecological and economic level. The organization participates in the constitution of national and international legislative projects, for example in the enhancements of the EU-Organic Regulations.

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Consumer survey: washing and cleaning products in organic retails

In January 2015, on the French territory, 213 regular organic retail customers, mainly women, participated to a survey conducted by BeeBio studies. The aim of this survey was to better understand client’s purchasing behavior for detergents.

The practices and the choice of purchase places are very different depending on the type of product. While soaps and hand wash products are purchased with preference in organic retails, other cleaning products are in a more consequently way purchased in large and medium-sized retails. Customer arbitrations are based on three criteria. In order of importance: the understanding of the ecological value and effects of the product on health, the price and, finally, the efficiency. Consumer refers to the price when there is a lack of information on the composition of the product or if he doesn’t understand what the composition means. The attention to efficiency comes afterwards and leads to an overall negative appreciation and this regardless the place of purchase.

To see all the results related to the purchasing behaviors of these clients, we invite you to consult the article (in French) published in the n ° 58 Biolineaires March-April 2015, p.121 - 129.